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It is important to remember that you must not rely solely on the contents of this Report to proceed with a purchase or rental of a property. It is intended only as an initial guide to help you to decide whether to proceed with further investigations. In particular, you should know that the Agent who prepared this Report is not a qualied surveyor or valuer and that this Report does not constitute a structural survey. The Report contains certain views and opinions of the Agent . They are simply that - honestly held views and opinions of an individual formed as a result of a single visit. No judgment or opinion is given as to the monetary value of the property or its contents. Any measurements included within the Report should be regarded as approximate and for guidance only. Where a sketch of the floor plan or any room has been provided it has been drawn by the Agent without performing any measurements but using their judgement by eye. When attending a property, certain rooms or areas will not be entered by the Agent ; these include lofts/attics, cellars, and other rooms which are deemed inaccessible due to awkward access (e.g. loft ladders, narrow or steep stairs, doorway obstacles, rooms housing a potentially dangerous animal, or poor lighting). Agents are not permitted to move heavy, bulky or awkward items of furniture or appliances. Observations may, therefore, be restricted/excluded where such items restrict full view. The Agent has noted these restrictions in the Report where thought to be signicant (e.g. no entry to the loft). Certain information provided in this report simply records what the Key Holding Agent has told Our Agent. These points are noted. Fire alarms/equipment, security systems, electrical items, gas appliances, plumbing systems, circuits, radiators/storage heaters, lights and/or water appliances will not be tested by the Viewber under any circumstances. Any reference made to these appliances or services are for reference purposes only, and we make no statement or representation that such items are working,  for purpose, or safe (beyond the applicable observations made within this Report). All of our Services exclude an inspection for the identication of Japanese Knotweed and we do not accept liability for a property transaction proceeding, or failing to proceed, where Japanese Knotweed is assumed, or confirmed, to be present within the vicinity of a property visited by our Agent to conduct any Service. As a purchaser, you must not rely on any Services provided by Our Agent to confirm the presence, or lack of presence, of Japanese Knotweed and must carry out your own enquiries with the seller and estate agent involved with the transaction. A request, whether made verbally or in writing, to our agent for such identication to be carried out does not incur any liability to our Agent for the correct identication or conrmation of the presence, or lack of presence, of Japanese Knotweed.



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